Were do I start?


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Were do I start?

Looking to buy a class C motor home around a 30 ft.I am Ford person and most Ford have the V10 heard good things and bad things about this engine . As far as the maker of the RV itself not sure were to start, all floor plans seem simalir Im more concerned on the quality and how will its put together . Any suggest will be greatly appceitated
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as to my knowledge the 6.8-v-10 is dependable.
question would be -how well it has had maintenance.
or are you looking at a 'new' vehicle?
'if' i were looking -used.-an older model with a 7.3-('not' a 6.0!!!)
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The only issues most common in our shop reguarding the 10 cyl triton motor is spark plugs blowing out of the head this trashes the coil pack also , this is most often after someone else changed plugs(IE some diy or friend) two of the plugs are a real pain to get to and a bear to properly tighten in the e250 350 chassie this strips out the hole in that head and if you can't get the chase tool in that location your looking at 18 t0 22 hrs labor alone to r&r the head to fix it. If you can then the time labor wise is about 3 to 4.5 hrs
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RE: V-10 , As stated in other post, spark plugs are a pain, but we also ran into numerous exhaust studs breaking, which also results in 12 + hrs labor in some cases, as twice cylinder head had to be removed. Luckily they were just within warranty. Dealer figured a few hours, but ran in to trouble, as usually happens, as not much room to get to some of them.
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I have the suggestion that you consider the thought of not just a Ford chassis.
I know that some have a brand loyalty that rivals religious beliefs but you are limiting your choices by about a third.

Are you looking new or used?

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