Anyone know 1985 Ford Trans Pan Bolts Torque?


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Anyone know 1985 Ford Trans Pan Bolts Torque?

Going to drain & filter change trans on 85 Ford box truck with c6 trans.
Plan on using RTV instead of gasket.
What torque is recommended on the pan bolts?
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dont recomend rtv/silicone as gasket.
go to your vehicle,& dome other info.
they have an online shop manual
dont forget to straighten oil pan 'bolt holes' that are pulled up by the bolts
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Newtofta is right... Don't use sealant, as it rots & breaks off with the trans fluid & can cause lots of problems, especially on an older trans as yours with centrifigal govenor.... Why not use a gasket??? It comes in the kit with the filter.... Roger

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