4 barrell carb


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4 barrell carb

What would be wrong with a carb if the truck has been sitting a while that you have to manually pour some fuel in it for the truck to start after you do that i will start all day long i heard something about a primer on these carbs that could be out any suggestions thanks alot
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what kind of carb, what model vehicle? some of the old carbs had problems with leaky bowls, some have problems with plugs seeping on the bottom of the carb, some have problems with fuel siphioning when they are shut down. does it smell like fuel very strongly after sitting for 5-6 hrs? if so look down inside the throat and see if any fuel is in the throats, that would be fuel siphoning, usually caused by a vent plugged on the top of the carb. if signs of fuel at the base of the carb on top of the manifold either the bowls are seeping or some of the aluminum plugs are seeping thus allowing the bowls to dry out during the night or long day of sitting.
a easy fix is to install an electric fuel pump and just turn it on for 10-15 seconds before starting the first time every day.

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Either electric or mechanical - depending on which type of carb you have.

I doubt if it is the accelerator pump, usually when they go bad the vehicle doesn't want to pull out from a dead stop.

Take it to a garage and have it looked at.
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Some cars used to have an insulator plate between the carb and the manifold to keep the fuel from boiling off in the carb when shut down.

Does it do this just after it's been really warmed up or after sitting for a while, like overnight.
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A bad or worn/dirty needle & seat will also allow fuel to leak back in line in a period of time as well.

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