1993 ford ranger wont start


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1993 ford ranger wont start

i have a 1993 ford ranger and last week i was on my home from work and in the middle of traffic it just turned off so i pushed it off the road went and put 5 gallons of gas when fueling i noticed gas poruing out of the filler hose it had a crack in it so pushed it home droped the tank when i was pulling the lines off i broke off the fuel sending unit line going into the gas lines. so now i replaced the filler neck and sending unit and now i hear the fuel pump working and it cranks over but doesnt start ???

2.3l 4 chylinder engine 5 speed 150000 miles tryed starting the battery, oil, abs, seatbelt, engine, light was on now just the oil, abs, seatbelt light just come on

i replaced the filler neck, sending unit, fuel filter and it still didnt turn over so i checked the shrader valve still has pressure and i can hear the pump kick on the emergency shut off is not triggered and the tank reads half full and the batterys good also i checked the fuses and the coil pack and sparg plugs all good. the spark plug smelt like gas. it didnt fire up with starter fluid. and it has a vacuum. any ideas or advice
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When is the last time you replaced the timing belt? Shutting off could have been the belt, and the fuel leak just a coincidence.
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Is that a belt on that motor, twister? Not sure from your description, but are you getting spark at the plugs?
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Just for info...Autozone says it has a timing belt. Oh..and non-interference engine also...
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Ranger still uses the same basic 2300cc block that was used in the Pinto/Bobcat. If you know what a pinto was you are at least as old as me and I feel bad for you.
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Yes I remember the Pinto well,, I just missed the recall when I started working @ the Ford dealer long ago LOL... When you turn the key on,, You say you have no "Check Engine Light" Is that correct??? You may need the EEC Power Relay replaced as that light should come on as soon as you turn the key & go out when the ECU sees a cam position signal.. have you checked for codes??? Roger

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