f-150 bizzare electrical issues


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f-150 bizzare electrical issues

my 2000 ford f-150, had been doing some bizarre things lately,
all of these items are intermittent, and turning off and restarting vehicle seems to alleviate the issue at the time.

the odometer sporadically goes out and comes back on,

when I use the power windows, the radio resets, or the outside temp display resets.

on turning on the headlights the ABS light comes on

engine revs, up and down to almost stall point without any movement of the gas pedal

I'm nor sure where to start looking for these issues, I was suspecting the ignition switch, or is there possibly some control module that may be shorting out as well.

any help would be greatly appreciated
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Without a schematic, I'd say a rusted ground connection. More than 100 mVdc across a connection that is passing current is bad.

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What he said. Check your grounds.
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I agree,, Check the grounds,, don't forget the one that grounds the engine to the body & the engine to the frame... How are the battery terminals,, Nice & clean & tight??? If all looks good,, check the charging voltage & have the battery load tested... You didn't mention a hard start,, but a battery test won't hurt.... Roger
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a comon issue with these veh. is a slight water leak at the windshield will alow water to contaminate the 'GEM' module-it is on the back of the fuse block.
might be a good place to start.
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follow up...

truck easily starts every time.

I checked the negative cables on the batteries and all the ground connections I could find under hood. no rust or corrosion there... benefits of an arizona truck I guess.

I will check deeper into other ground locations, and possibly look for the GEM module...

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Had a Ford Van of the same year kick my ___ for two days doing everthing you said it turned out to be the ground connection on the block (RH side middle of the block) had actually looked tight and good BUT grabbed and wiggled came off in my hand the bolt had melted over half way through fortunatly it unscrewed from the block replaced cleaned up the surfaces and all problems went away.

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