Quickie: o2 Sensor - Ranger?


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Quickie: o2 Sensor? (Ranger)

We bought a 2000 Ranger yesterday from a small lot located about 40 miles up the road.

About a mile from the house, when she was going up a hill from a full stop, the wife noticed that there seemed to be a lack of power - she described it as maybe she wasn't pushing the accelerator deep enough - and the "check engine light came on".

I took the truck to AutoZone, he hooked-up his computer and the first thing was that the fuse to the diagnostic relay had blown. After we replaced it, his machine said that it still showed that the "02 sensor was slow in switching".

We decided to reset the light and see if it comes back. A couple of hours later the light returned, once again, heading up a hill from a full start.

From what I've found in this forum, it appears to be something that I can fix myself and I should be able to get to it within the next couple of days, which leads to my question... In the meantime, I'm thinking there's no chance of her getting stranded, if she were to drive to truck back and forth to work, but I thought that I should consult the experts.

Would the prudent thing be to let my wife continue to drive my car, or should she be okay driving back and forth in her "new truck"?

Thanks in Advance

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The prudent thing would be to fix it first since there is an alternative mode of transportation. Could save the catalytic converter.

Any warranty from the lot?

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