1986 F 250 Hydraulic Clutch fails to dis-engage clutch.


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1986 F 250 Hydraulic Clutch fails to dis-engage clutch.

1986 F250 3/4ton 7.5L/460cu. in. 2wd
I just replaced the Clutch assy. and then the Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder. The clutch hydraulic system fails to dis-engage. Firewall behind clutch master is in good condition. Also I observe clutch fork movement but doesn't seem to be enough... Any suggestions?
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It could have air in the system = bleed it out. Or could you have put the clutch disc in backwards = will not disengage even if every thing else is fine.
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I see you mentioned the firewall and you're sure it's not flexing? Because what you're describing sounds like the firewall issue. Did you replace the hose? If nothing else, bleed, bleed, and bleed some more. They can be very difficult to get all the air out.

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