'97 GMC Sierra-Will not start


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'97 GMC Sierra-Will not start

Its very cold here in Illinois and I do not drive my truck often, only when I have to haul something. Went out Saturday and drove it for the first time in awhile. It barely started as the turning-over sound was very slow and sluggish...but it started.

Its colder today and I went out to start it and nothing. I have the interior lights working and I tried jumping it and even charging the battery all the way. Still nothing. No sign of the starter even trying to turn over, just a single click.

Is it possible the starter is frozen? If not, what else should I check for possible reasons it will not start? The battery was installed in early 2008, so it shuld be fine.

Thanks for any advice.
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Sitting in the cold is a killer for batts. Load test the battery first then if it checks out you can have somebody help you and try to crank with a volt meter hooked up to the battery if it drops to a reading of less than 10.9 the starter is probably getting weak and drawing too much if it doesn't drop at all the starter sol is the likely suspect or if you hear it click but no crank then the starter has an open spot in it and you can sometimes get it to work by a well placed tap with a hammer. This is the down and dirty way but easier than pulling the starter to have it tested.
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I see the alternator, but I am having a difficult time finding the starter. There is a decent amount of snow where the truck is sitting, so I have not gotten down on the ground to see if I can locate it from underneath.
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I hope you have solved your problem by now, but if you haven't I may know the cause.

As MM said, your starter may have a dead spot and the beating on it will work temporarily. I have a '97 Suburban and faced the same problem. The starters on these trucks often cause problems and starting one on low voltage (like a semi-dead battery) will kill them for sure.

You can find your starter by climbing under your truck under the front edge of your passenger door and looking up. The good news is they can be changed in about 15 minutes and are relatively cheap.

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