towing with bumper


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towing with bumper

Hello Guys. I have a 2002 gmc Sonoma 4x4 with a step tow bumper. I am planning on getting a boat off a friend and would like to know if instead of installing a frame hitch maybe i could just put a ball on my bumper or install a step hitch. The boat is very light and small (plastic) and the trailer is a tee nee. The bumper i have is attached to the frame similar to the way a frame hitch would be installed. I have read where people don't trust tow bumpers but why did the factory put them on if you can't use them. I doubt that the combined weight of the trailer and the boat exceeds 600lbs and my bumper is rated for 3500. I'm not arguing i just want to know if I'm safe. Thanks.
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If you are talking about one of those really light plastic row boats or even one of those small 2 seater power boats or a jonboat type thing...I think you'll be fine. I highly recommend taking it to a scale somewhere and actually checking the total weight and the tongue weight when fully reason to try to guess.

I towed plenty of trailers full of mulch and topsoil (prob way heavier than 600 lbs) with my Dakota and only had a factory bumper and ball on it.
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tow with bumper

I agree you will be OK I have towed small travel trailers with a bumper hitch. Check the bolts that hold it to the frame they work loose sometimes,but this happens when you tow things without springs.
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I agree that you should be able to tow what you propose to buy with a bumper mounted ball.
A downside though is that there is a good chance the trailer will not ride level which it should, especially if the trailer has 8" wheels.

An alternative to just bolting on a ball is a receiver that you bolt to the underside of the bumper.
This way you will have some flexibility in adjusting the trailer.

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