1995 Toyota Tacoma Skips


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1995 Toyota Tacoma Skips

truck has had new distributor,new distributor cap, new plug wires, new plugs, new fuel filter, new fuel pump, new 02 sensors. The truck runs horrible. It will skip just like it is cutting off. At idle if you slowly give it rpm's it will skip. It has no check engine light and no stored codes. Also ran 2 tanks of gas with injector cleaner. It skips or jerks when driving it even when its idiling. The fuel injectors have been checked and are okay. I cannot figure this out anyone have any ideas?
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Did anyone check to make sure there wasn't anything in the fuel tank that could intermittently be blocking the pickup tube?
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Lightbulb Check two things

1. Put an ohm meter on the throttle body throttle position sensor. Manually (slowly) rotate the butterfly. Check the TPS for dead spots.

2. Get a can of CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner (non residue type). Take the airflow sensor out of your intake tube and clean it off with the spray.. don't drop it and let it dry before you put it back in. Don't blow it off with compressed air.
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Question EGR Valve on this?

I wasn't paying attention to the model year... I own a 99.

Does this have an EGR valve and is the vacuum actuator working? Might be stuck.

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