2000 Dakota Hard Braking when cold


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2000 Dakota Hard Braking when cold

I have an interesting issue with a 2000 Dakota. This happened a few times when it was raining, but seems to happen now if it is cold.

Shortly after startup, when I hit the brakes, it brakes very hard, sometimes the ABS even engages. This can be avoided to a large degree if I push the brakes to the floor and hold it there for a few seconds before starting to move.

Any ideas where I should start looking?

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I'll be interested to hear the responses. I had a 98 that did the exact same thing...any moisture from rain or even a heavy dew and the first stop (or 2?) would almost lock the wheels like a panic stop.

I started very lightly applying the brakes as I backed out of the drive...seemed to not do it when I did that.

Maybe one of our Pro's will have an answer.
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RWAL or 4 wheel anti- lock? Seen this when the ABS control module is getting bad on the 4 wheel it acts as the abs and proportion valve unfortunately it's a complete unit and getting hard to find they used them on the 1500 to 2500 as well.Located just in front of the master cyl on the fender-well.When you depress the pedal before moving your activating the internal electric motor and "resetting" the systems valving.Last I checked they were about 300 for a reman with a hefty core charge as well.
Sorry to bare bad news
Also there was two different ones (plug ins different) If you can get the abs system scanned and something like abs relay or motor fault shows up that is the problem and all in that module non serviceable you have to replace the whole thing.Make sure the numbers match on the covers when replacing.
Good Luck
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Thanks for the info. It is a 4WD, but I do not have an ABS light on (yet). I will check into a module and see what I can get. I did a little looking on ebay and they were all for the RWAL .

Thanks again,

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