Dakota brake fluid change


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Dakota brake fluid change

Stupid question - want to do a brake fluid change on a 2000 Dakota 4 wheel ABS. The Haynes Manual makes it sound like I should not really run new fluid through the ABS module, but I could be reading too much into it.

The question is, can I do a flush by filling the master cylinder and using a vacuum system to pull all the new fluid through to all the calipers?

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answer is yes, first clean out the master cyl, using something like a basting bulb or mity vac unit, then use a lint free towel and some denatured alcohol to get the black residue from the bottom of the master cyl reservoir, then just flush the system with the vac bleeder, I would finish with a power flush, having some one step on the pedal once, then bleed then repeat, that will get the best job done of making sure no air/or contaminated fluid is in the system, (multiple pedal pumping can entrain air in the brake fluid and cause a softer pedal in the long run.)

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