Mini School Bus Brakes


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Mini School Bus Brakes

I'm currently driving a Chev school bus, "00"? Only has 58K, but don't have much more info, sorry. If I drive the speed limit, i.e., 45 and come up to a yellow and need to put on the brakes, the steering wheel act just like if my tires were not balanced, it shakes. I know Chev's, but when it comes to a bus, sorry. I am thinking that the pads have worn down or the drum is worn down unevenly. Just a guess. Thanks.
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It sounds like something worn out in the front suspension. Don't they have a service dept to maintain the buses?
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Although often Much more severe, Trucks and Cars suffer from the same problems. Dont let the size cloud your judgement.

If this shake only happens when braking, then I would suspect that you have a Plain Old Vanilla case of Rotor runout, or warpage in the front. The rear brakes, while they can show the same condition, would not likely be felt in the steering, but thru the entire vehicle.

Just Today, I had a 3500 Dodge Ram in the shop, With a brake pulsation so bad that the vehicle was Uncontrollable while braking, but Drove straight as an arrow and handled better than any other Ram I have ever Driven. Until Trying to stop it. Cut the Front Rotors, and replaced the pads.......FIXED.....
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no maintenance department.

thanks for the info about the rotors and such. I will make sure they look at the brakes when they change the shocks.

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