Pop-up Roof Sealant?


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Pop-up Roof Sealant?

What is the best product for sealing the roof/side seams after a construction rebuild (94 Rockwood pop-up)? Some forums note silicone would be fine while others advise against it. I tried using 'DAP Dynaflex X230 Latex'; however, that has not performed well after a year of LIGHT use. A local RV/camper dealer had a product similar to black roofing tar, but apprehensive to using that product as well.

Thanks for any advice!
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might try an-'urathane' roof /shingle- sealant/adhesive.
comes in caulking gun tube-(is black) though-might not take paint
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I will assume that you applied moldings back on with putty tape, or butyl tape under them. With that said, do not use silicone. Silicone is great if all you want to do is make it look nice, or need to seal a leak temporarily. It doesn't take long for it to allow water to leak in under it, and you will think it's still doing it's job of sealing when it's not. Most silicones have very little if any adhesion properties to them, so they only appear to stick, when all they are really doing is covering the surface.(great for cosmetics) We've been using Sikaflex for years in that application. It has sealing and adhesion properties. One properly applied coat of Sikaflex will last and stick for years. It's a little harder to apply because it has more adhesion, but that's what you want. Use a small bead, and swipe finger over it to spread evenly, but don't let it build up on your finger, have a rag ready to wipe excess of your finger when it builds up. After I get it on the way I want, I put a little dish soap in a cup of water and dip my finger in it and smooth out any rough spots, rather than trying to spit on your finger continuously. In the last 15 yrs, people who use silicone sealant on RV's to seal molding, have supplied us with lots of rebuild work in the winter due to leaks.
Here's a link to their site. Sika Canada Inc. |
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How about 3M 5200 marine sealant? Its available in most big box stores and places like Gander Mountain and Cabelas. It its good enough under the waterline on a boat, it will surely seal that.

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