Odor in A/C Unit


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Odor in A/C Unit

I've got a 24' Terry Resort that my wife and I just recently bought. It's in very good shape except for one thing. The person that we bought it from, had it sitting, locked up for two years straight with moth balls in it. We had a heck of a time getting the smell out and are just now starting to get a handle on it. However, every time we turn on the A/C unit, the smell gets twice as bad inside the camper. In fact, it even made my wife sick this past week, as we went camping and everything was fine until we turned the A/C on at night. When the A/C isn't on, you can hardly even tell we had a moth ball problem before.

Is there something within the A/C unit that would be holding the smell that I could maybe clean out?? Does anyone have any helpful tips or recommendations for me that would help get rid of this problem?

For my truck, I have a can of this stuff that I can spray into the A/C unit that removes and mold or anything and helps eliminate odors. Could I spray this into the trailers A/C unit, or could this damage something?

Would appreciate any advice anyone could give as this is really making it tough to go camping right now.
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There should be some kind of filter where it draws air into the AC.
Take that out and replace it or clean it if it is cleanable. Rinse it with vinegar and let it dry before you put it back in. While you have the filter out clean any dust and dirt you see in the intake with a water and vinegar solution. If worse comes to worse turn the AC on at home and run it. Place several saucers of vinegar inside the camper when the ac is running. Leave it closed up and run it a few hours and check the smell.
Vinegar takes the smell out of the air. Cleaning the AC and filter with it clears the smell also.
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Okay, thanks for the reply. I'll give it a shot as I have nothing to lose!!

I've got a problem with the fresh water tank and lines as well. When I fill the tank and then use the water in the trailer, the water REALLY smells and tastes like $*it. I assume this is maybe from it sitting for two years with the anti freeze in the tank and lines. Would you suggest the same water/vinegar mixture to clean that out?

I tried some bleach/water like the trailer manual said but that didn't do anything at all.
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You can also try a "Bounce", or similar fabric softener (scented) sheet between your filter and cover, especially if you have a ducted system in the ceiling. It will allow air to flow through and add scent to duct work that you can't get to. Keep an eye on the sheet, and when you see if gathering dust, change it.
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They make a deoderizing spray for auto A/C systems, I would look into that on the net. I get advertisments from my Toyota dealer all the time about this.

I use Clorox in my plastic water shower bags and my Camelbak for dirt biking, I would bet that you could overdose that system and let it sit and then give it a good flush.

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