hub assembly


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hub assembly

I have a 2004 ford ranger 4.0 4wheel drive with abs...i need to replace the hub assembly' i need to replace the axel nut or can i reuse the original..what is the trick to removing the hub assembly any special tools needed?...what is the torq requirements for the axel nut?....any tip and hints would be aprreciated...Thanks
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I can't speak for a Ford, but I have done a Pontiac and 2 GMC ZR2s. The Axle nut was always reused and it took no special tools. The only question when doing this was whether the half shaft would slide out once the nut was removed. On the 3 that I did, they came right out. It's not really a bad job, just scary the first time. You should be able to find the torque spec on the web, if I recall the GMC was about 80 pounds. You will need a big ass axle socket, somewhere in the range of 36mm.

Do yourself a favor and steer clear of the 1 year guarentee hubs, I used Timken only. If you search Ebay and the web, you can get one for not much more than the El cheapo's. I paid $130 including shipping rather than the $99 cheapies.

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