2000 Ranger XLT


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2000 Ranger XLT

I heard a squeaking today which I couldn't tell if it was just when moving or all time. But the squeaking turned into a grinding which then stopped. I could also smell something while driving and once I parked... any ideas? I first thought wheel bearing and my brother said u-joint but that wouldn't explain the smell..
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Could be that you have a brake caliper that is sticking, which generally causes the inside brake pad to constantly be pushed against inboard side of rotor. There may not be enough pressure to allow you to nitice anything when your driving due to the fact that its not that the brake is constantly applied, it just isnt moving smoothly and when you release the brake, it doesnt slide out of the way and is constantly touching the rotor. This will eventually cause the inside brake pad to wear out completely much faster than normal. When there is no more pad lining left, it will change from the general squeak you get from worn brakes to a metal to metal grinding noise. lay under truck and look at inboard side of each rotor and see if any are badly gouged and have metal shavings being deposited on inside of tire rim. This is usually very obvious and not hard to see. Also, if it has rear drumb brakes you could have an axle seal leaking which would account for smell and squeaking, but not the grinding. Also, leaking axle seals tend to make the brakes very touchy (lock up easily) during first few stops. Also, pop the hood and looking at the belt on the front of the motor and make sure is is not frayed and is turning normally with the engine running. You could have a seized pully that is causing the belt to rub through and melt, Often times it is the a/c compressor that seizes so make sure you also try it with the a/c on.
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"Inspector" may have something. Rather than guess is it possible for you to make a "You Tube Video" of the squeak and post it?

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