Installing a solar panel to charge a truck battery


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Installing a solar panel to charge a truck battery

I would like to know how the install a solar battery charger in a ford f250 6 litre diesel
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Welcome to our forums!

Connect positive to positive and negative to negative!

No really.
What are you asking?

Do you have one and want to hook it up?
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Greg is right,, Positive to positive,, Negetive to negetive,,, Do you have issues with the batteries?? I've seen these things start @-35* without any boost or block heaters if they have good batteries... If you have starting problems, let us know & we'll get you dialed in.... Roger
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If you haven't purchased one yet, please keep in mind to check amperage output of panel before you do. A lot of people are misled by what it will do for them. Roughly, a 15 watt panel, on a very clear, sunny day, will be lucky to produce 1 amp of current/hr. So if your thinking it will work as a battery charger, save your money, it will trickle charge at best, on a sunny day. Check reviews at this link for Canadian tire. $140 for a panel that is basically useless. ( Sunforce Solar Panel, 15 Watt | Canadian Tire ) Seen guys install bigger ones on roof of trailers for camping, and are lucky to get enough amperage to keep fridge running on gas, and maybe play stereo, and a light or 2 before it starts draining the battery down. Honestly, another battery and an isolator may be a better choice, depending on what it is your trying to accomplish in the end.

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