Tonneau Cover for Michigan Weather?


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Tonneau Cover for Michigan Weather?

I'm undecided on what tonneau cover is right for me. I have a 2000 F150 6.5 box and wonder how well the roll ups hold up to snow load. I plan on keeping the truck in my garage at night but daytime puts it out where snow can accumulate on top of the cover. Is a roll up good for this? I use my box for groceries and often haul items where I have to take the cover off. Thank You.
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I have a Ranger that had a cover on it when I bought it... In my opinion,, the Tonneau covers are a waste.. I had to crawl on my belly to retreive packages from the front of the box & when I tried to pick up a snowblower (a truck is something you put things in the back) the cover was in the way..Sorry if I sound off topic, but my thoughts are that tonneau covers are for people that don't want a pick-up to start with as I couldn't throw mine away fast enough,,,, Sorry,, Just my thoughts,, Roger
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I have an '06 Toyota Tacoma.... the first thing that I did was to go out and buy a tonneau cover.... it looks great! The second thing that I did was sell the tonneau cover and buy a LEER cap.... according to my kids it looks more "old man-ish", but IMO is way more functional. It's been on there 3.5 years now and I have never had need to remove it.

The first reason for doing this was because our office was getting new furniture and they were giving a way some nearly new leather computer chairs.... I had no way to get the darn thing home because of the tonneau cover.... I do own a pickup, right?

The second reason for doing this was because of the little talked about problem with tonneau covers.... you have to plan when you are going to roll them up. If you have a bad plan, you have to leave it rolled up until warm weather. Tonneau covers get stiff and tight when it's cold. If you remove it and the sun doesn't come out that day, you're screwed when it comes to putting it back on. Now I'm not saying that it's a little tough to get it back on, I'm saying it is impossible to get it back on.

If you're set on covering your bed, I suggest a cap or even one of those sectional hard covers. The hard cover is lockable, folds up and out of the way, and is pretty weather tight. The fiberglass covers are nice too, but they don't get out of the way for hauling.

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Maybe a rollout hard cover? Gee they're only $1000....gasp!
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My budget won't support anything more than $300. I'll keep looking. Thanks. I've had a snap on tonneau cover but it did shrink and even in 80 degree sunshine, I couldn't put it on anymore. That's why I was thinking about the roll-up.
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"If you're set on covering your bed, I suggest a cap or even one of those sectional hard covers"

While I prefer an uncovered bed, a friend of mine has one of those fiberglass covers on his ford ranger. He liked it well although he seldom loads it with much of anything. A recent wind storm ripped it in two ....... but he does have a bad habit of not latching it
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Hard cover or nothing at all is my opinion
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I have an access cover roll up cover and it has been great! I would recommend it to anybody. No problems with snow because it has bars that go across the bed. Holds down with Velcro on the sides and you can lock it. (although anybody with a knife can get in but out of sight out of mind) I had a fiberglass topper on my last truck and got screwed a few times because something was too large to fit in. Had to take the topper off.
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i have a roll up cover. i got it from a guy on a forum. $125 for a $700+ cover.

this cover didn't have a cover on it( the newer models have a vinyl cover over the metal), so the ice gets in the folds and locks it up. but this only happens a few times a years, so not a big deal for me (ymmv). i wanted this exact type, as i wanted a locking cover. but also one that must be pretty much completely gone when i need to put something large back there.
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Bed cover

I have the "old man" cap on mine. This suffices 99 o/o of the time. For tall or very heavy items I have a low trailer. Works great.
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