96 Dodge Ram Wiper Fuse


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96 Dodge Ram Wiper Fuse


Yesterday while driving, snow was impeding my wiper range of moton. They were working but I only turned them on when needed. Later when I went to move my truck the wiper switch was dead. They wouldn't work.

I pulled the fuse and it was burnt. I put in a new fuse and tried the wipers and they didn't work. I pulled the new fuse and it was burnt.

With the wiper switch 'off' I put in another fuse. With no power I pulled it and it wasn't burnt. I then turned on the ignition and the fuse blew with the wiper switch 'off'.

I pulled the cowl off so I could see if any wiring to the wiper motor was bad. While preapring to do this I cleaned all the ice and snow away from the wipers before pulling them off. The wiring looks good.

I would get out my volt meter to check the wiper motor but I can't even get juice to the motor because every time I turn on the ignition, the fuse blows.

Does anyone know what is all on this circuit? My Haynes says 'Power Control/wiper/washer motor' but it also covers a wide range of years so I don't know for sure.

If anone has any suggestions or ideas I would greatly appreciate their help.


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Not sure if your situation was like this or not, but until your wipers go to "park", they are alive and current is flowing even with the switch off. So if they stopped anywhere before park, and froze to the windshield, then there was too much resistance trying to park them and the fuse blew. Make sure they are free running, no ice, not stuck, etc. and push them to park prior to inserting another fuse. Let us know what's happening.
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The motor failed. They don't like getting stuck or binding with ice/snow.
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I would like to think since the fuse failed, it would have done so prior to the motor toasting....maybe not.

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