1999 Ranger


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1999 Ranger

I have a 1999 Ranger with the 4 cylinder with 8 spark plugs and I need to replace them. The 4 on the left are easy to access but the 4 on the right look like a problem.

Can those 4 be replaced without taking off the intake manifold?

Also, do the 2 spark plugs servicing each cylinder ignite at the same time or does one lag the other?

If one lags then which one is the primary and which one is the secondary?

All input is appreciated!!!

Thank you!!!
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It has been reported that they can be changed without removing the manifold if you have several extensions and swivel universal joints. Also some recommend having a 10 to 12 inch pair of needle nose pliers for the wires. Getting the plugs back in seems to be as big a problem as removing them with the manifold in place.
Seems it is much easier to remove the manifold than risk broken plugs or cross-threaded plugs.
They do fire separately but it is only milli-seconds apart. This set up is to reduce exhaust emissions by completely and quickly burning the fuel mixture.
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Thanks, Ben. I'm going to do one side and see if the problem is corrected first.

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