94 Ford F-150 wont stay idling, keeps dying


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94 Ford F-150 wont stay idling, keeps dying

2 weeks ago with no issues prior, I crank my truck and the voltmeter goes crazy, and eventually dies. Battery was tested, and fine. Alternator tests fine.

So I did get it running, and I could be going 15-to 55 up the road and every once in a while it would get a "hiccup" and lose tremendous power.

Now I can't keep the truck idling.
So I have replaced
oil and filter
spark plugs wires and cap
fuel filter
throttle sensor
fuel pump i assume is ok since I have dual tanks and it dies on both tanks.
I replaced the small hose that goes directly on the engine(not sure what that is called, just a breather).
Air filter is fine.

I have a 4.9 fuel injected straight 6 pickup. Close to 200 k on the odometer.

I hooked it up to a computer, but the dude told me since i have a short in my horn, it grounds out the computer, not sure how bogus that is but long story short he can't diagnose the issue.

I've heard maybe it's my computer on my truck?
Any other solutions, im all ears and thanks in advance.
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Some help on reading of the codes if you have the test equipment:

Troublcodes.net Trouble Codes OBD & OBD2 Trouble Codes and Technical info & Tool Store. By BAT Auto Technical

Had never heard the grounded horn thing before. You've already hit a lot of items I would have suggested, so I really think you need to see if it has any codes.

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