2004 Ford Excursion


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2004 Ford Excursion

The door open warning light comes on after a week or so it will clear. I believe the rear doors (dutch doors) is the problem, however I'm unable to locate a switch that might be bad. I've also been told it may be a bad ground. Any ideas on where to start looling?
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First place I'd check that is simple to do, is walk around the vehicle and push in and/or pull on each door to see if any appear to have more movement than the others. May be as simple as adjusting striker to allow door to close tighter. Start with the ones that are used the most like driver and passenger front, or ones you suspect.
Another method would be to sit inside and start vehicle and push out on each door to see if any trip the door open warning.
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The switches are in the bottom of the door latch & over time the grease dries out & gets sticky.. Spray a light lube into the latches & close the doors several times to see if that helps.. If it doesen't the Ford dealer can scan the GEM Module & tell you what door has the problem... Roger

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