big project


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big project

Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place to post this or not...

I know this is going to be kinda long, so please bear with me.

My fiance and I just had a 70's model travel trailer given to us.

it has not been used in 3 years.
the previous owner used the small stove/oven to help cook for a wedding, and to help the bride dress etc.
after that, she let her children use it as a play house.

needless to say it is as my daughters would say "all jacked up"

We have lots of ideas for it, but we are not sure if they are feasible or not.

we would like to replace the existing pressurized water tank, in hopes for a more lightweight tank that is gravity fed.
is that possible?

we would also like to go to straight electric, and run that off of solar power.
I know we can run solar, but is it possible to change over from propane powered stoves to electric?
or would we be better off just forgoing the cooktop and just use a microwave and the grill?

this trailer will be mainly used for camping and trips to motorcyle rallies.

so many questions, so little time.

looking foward to reading the responses.
and thanks for letting me ramble.
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Welcome to the forums! You may want to post a few pix so we can see what you see.
Now to your questions: Where would you plan on mounting your water tank to make it gravity fed? How large is the tank, now? Working off solar is nice, but there ain't no sun out when you need lights, so it would require you to weight it down with a bank of batteries. Many grills (propane) come with one burner cooktops, so that would be an option, but it would require you to use it outdoors.
If it were me, I'd keep the propane to cook with and to power a small generator for lighting and your microwave. You could always have a grill for outdoor cooking.
We'll work on logistics, just post some pix so we can get a grasp on things.
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thanks Chandler.
As for the water tank, We were thinking above the sink.
Not sure what size we have now, I called the gal who gave it to me, and she didn't know the size either.
I am working on getting pictures downloaded to my comp so I can put them on my photobucket.
fair warning though, it is a disaster.
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Give us the make and model number so we can give better help. Are you talking fresh water tank or hot water tank(water heater)?
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If you don't have a shower..then why not just a pump faucet? I don't know if they still make them..but thats what my parents old trailer had. You only had pressure when you were hooked up to campground water service.

Agree with the way you could run an stove without a huge bank of batteries and $$$ invested in the required equipment.

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