Help with older NorCold RV Gas& Electric Refrigerator...


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Help with older NorCold RV Gas& Electric Refrigerator...

I have a 1972 Dodge Explorer that has been restored, and has NorCold gas & electric refrigerator. I am not sure how old it is but it is a model# of 876EC2 (I think...some scratches across numbers...could be 875EG2 or any variation that is close in number structure...?). It has always worked fine & was working fine. We had it plugged into a standard drop cord and then we unplugged it and moved it into a park then replugged it into the 110 outlet and it quit working. The only thing different is that it had an adapter from a different pattern three-prong heavy duty cord to a regular 110 plug with the ground. Now the whole RV is plugged directly into the box with the different pattern heavy duty chord and no adapter. Any ideas what happened? One of the guys at my local RV place started to say something about the Battery power & connects, then he shut-up as his wife/manager gave him a dirty look. I suspect it has something to do with the DC power lead, just not familiar with all of that system. How does the DC affect it if it is plugged into a 110 power source? The guy at the shop started to say something about it having to have both???? That blew me away, but then again, I am a novice at all this stuff. Just no money to buy a new one or pay a repair person $90/HR to fix something. Hopefully I can fix it myself. It is an incredibly long and sad story, but I am living in it now bcuz the Bank seized my house illegally :NO NO NO: & it is going to be a long court battle over it. Hoping someone can enlighten me on a two-power source system. Thanks for anything!

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Depending on exact model, yours may require 12 volts to operate in any mode. 12 volt DC (battery) . When you had it plugged in to drop cord, was the motorhome also plugged in? Did you test the receptacle for fridge plug and make sure it has power there? What mode was it running on when plugged in to drop cord? (AC hydro, propane, ?)

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