Generator to rv adapter


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Generator to rv adapter

Trying to wire an adapter myself, it is a l14-30p to a rv tt-30r, just wondering if you just leave one of the hot wires out which would be the red or black wire, and if mattered which one was left out going to the tt-30 plug. P.s. I know that you can just buy this adapter, but was wanting to do this myself. Thanks for any input on this.
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I'm guessing your generator has a 240VAC circuit available as well, which would account for red wire. I'm thinking use the black which should give you 120VAC to RV, which a simple voltage test will confirm. You certainly don't want 240 VAC going to RV so be sure to check it. Make sure red is covered properly for safety.
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This all I could find from duramax generators.

L14-30P Male
30A 120V
TT-30R Female 30A 120V.

Mike NJ

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