put ing electric fan in 91 isuzu pickup


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put ing electric fan in 91 isuzu pickup

1. am told a rodeo pusher front mount a/c condenser fan will fit a '91 isuzu 2.3L pick up.
2. should I keep the puller clutch type oem on the engine. Or
3. wouldn't a 2 speed electric puller be more efficient, like is on my Jeep,cools radiator and condenser, in 100+ ambient temps.
4. how much alt amps would I have go to.
5. Do you know of any puller style that would work on the pu.

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if you go with the front mount electric fan, - what are you going to use for controlling it?
you don't want to just hard wire it to run all the time.

I personally would just buy a new fan clutch.
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how i'm going to control pusher fan

If there is no need to remove the oem clutch fan I'd control though a relay wired to the main buss bar under the power module which contains the other relays, and toggle inside the cab. The I know when I turn on the a/c, at the same time turn on the fan and monitor temp gauge and cooling of the cab. the reason I'm considering this, is due to the engine temp goes up, the cooling efficiency going down. And the oem clutch fan is very slow in traffic. I get home put the gauges on the low side and dicover the pressuremuch higher than the origin 25-30 lbs I get home and spray a little water on the condenser and radiator to cool down the engine and noticed the exit tube from the condenser was no longer hot, the pressure is back to where it's 25-30 lbs, and the cooling was cold almost immediately. I have put in reman compressor, evap valve,flushed the system,cleaned the evap system, and a new drier. put the recommended 25-30 lbs in to maintain a high side of 180-200lbs for the hot weather. And lower strain on the engine, but admittedly the 2.3 is working hard.but withiout the compressor on the engine runs fine and cool.


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You may have the sytem overcharged as well as a bad clutch fan.

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