ABS Light in 1995 Chevy Silverado


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ABS Light in 1995 Chevy Silverado

Hi -

I have a 1995 Chevy Silverado with 236,000 miles. In recent years it only gets about 500 miles/year so I really don't drive it much. I had the state safety and emissions inspection done (it passed) last weekend - drove it home, no problem and parked it until this weekend. Today when I started it up, the ABS light stayed on. I seem to remember that several years ago on a different car after an emissions inspection the ABS light stayed on and I brought it back to the inspection station and they did *something* to turn the light off. I don't know what that *something* was though. They do put the truck on rollers and let it run at a certain RPM for a certain amount of time if that helps with the diagnosis.

Maybe I'm losing my mind and the light has nothing to do with the inspection - just seemed awfully coincidental.

Any ideas what I can do to turn this light off if it is caused by the inspection?

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I don't know the full answer to your problem, but am facing the same thing on my 2001 Dodge Ram dually Cummins. The ABS and Brake light are on, indicating that one of the three sensors may have gone south. There is one on each of the front wheels and one in the top of the differential. What I have gleaned is the passenger side sensor is the usual culprit.
I am sure the inspection station had a scanner that will detect ABS problems and he cleared the codes.....until the next time. If your rear wheels slip and the front sensors don't pick it up, the light will come on.
If you intend to do this DIY, I would suggest getting a Haynes manual on your truck. It may have good information in there you can use, until someone more in the know comes along. Hang in there.
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Not sure if my 89 K1500 and your 95 are the same so this might work or not.

When I drive in the rain the speedometer will quit working and sometimes the ABS light will come on. Mine is rear wheel ABS only.

Anyway, to get the light to go off you just unplug the harness (with the truck off) from the ABS and plug it back in again. Works for me. I think it has maybe 6 or 8 wires going to it.
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Thanks for the replies. Sounds to me like all similar issues. My truck had the rear wheels driving on rollers while the fronts were stationary. That could be similar to driving in the rain. Where do I find the ABS to disconnect the harness from?

Thanks so much!
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