P0304 Code


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P0304 Code

I have a 97 Nissan XE and for the last several years, I keep getting the same code on my dash. I have tried the following, but no help:

I have replaced the Plugs, Wires, Dist. Cap, Rotor, O2 Sensor, EGR Valve, Vacuum Lines. I have had the Cat Converter inspected. I have exchanged the #1 fuel injector with the #4 injector. Still get the darn code. Is there anything else I can try?
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Hi from my knowledge of autos this code would dictate the knock sensor, but not common.

Also have you checked for leaks on the intakemanifold? This is very common issue that throws this p0304 code. Gaskets often leak I believe on these autos around the #4 cylinder.

I also may suspect the mass airflow sensor (MAF)

And last but not least, the computer may be bad.

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P0304 is misfire on cyl #4. Sounds like you need to go ahead and do a compression test.

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