intermittent speedometer/odomater problems


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intermittent speedometer/odometer problems

98 Ford E150--my speedometer and odometer only work occasionly,
and then only when I have been in reverse. Any ideas?
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Not sure if that's going to be a cable-driven speedo/odo or electronic. If cable, could be bad cable, bad speedo drive gears in the tranny, or bad speedo head in the cluster. For electronic, bad vehicle speed sensor (VSS), bad circuit, or problem (electronic) in the cluster. Could also be bad gears in the speedo head itself depending on design.
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speedo trouble

my 88 silverado speedo works when the outside temp is below 40 degrees. above that it does not work. when it does start below 40 degrees it will continue to work no matter the temp as long as i do not shut off the ignition. i have replace the VSS.

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