New van has Class II Receiver Hitch - Previous was Class III, any issues?


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New van has Class II Receiver Hitch - Previous was Class III, any issues?

Just a curious question for anyone who knows about trailer hitch receivers.

I had bought a boat a few years back and also had a fairly stout Coleman Santa Fe pop-up trailer (about 3k lbs when fully loaded and full of water). My boat dealer put a Class III, 2" receiver on my old Toyota Sienna when we bought the boat and have been using that for our pop-up trailer now that we've sold the boat.

I just upgraded vans and bought a 2010 Sienna. It came with the "tow package" which basically means it has the transmission cooler, higher amp alternator, etc. As part of the deal I had them put on a receiver hitch. When my wife picked up the van and brought it home, it had one of those tiny Class II, 1 1/4" receiver hitches on there.

I know they say they are rated to 3,500 lbs and my van says the towing capacity is 3,500 lbs, but do I need to worry about the fact I'm going to be towing a strout trailer with this little 1 1/4" receiver? Obivously I had to get a 1 1/4" to 2" converter to convert it to fit my hitch hauler cooler holder rack and so my current 2" receiver/ball will fit in that little 1 1/4 hole. I'll also have to now get a converter from a 7-pin plug that is on my trailer down to their 4-pin plug they put on this receiver. Did they give me too small a receiver? Or was my other setup just set up for my original boat I had years ago on the old van and I've just been used to overkill all these years?


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Others will be more versed in the capabilities of your hitch, but it seems they installed too small a receiver/hitch for your application. No way would I trust the tongue weight of your application to the smaller "adapter". You are not gaining strength, just convenience, which could be more catastrophic should it fail.
Did you specify the type hitch the dealer was to install? I note some wired hitches in Class II-III have flat plugs, while Class III-IV have 7 pin round, and that may be a difference. You are on the cusp of being a class II owner, rather than class III which I believe is what you need.
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Hitch Receiver

The adapter weakens the receiver because it puts the load further away from the receiver. I agree with Chandler. Have the correct receiver installed.
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I would not be happy with a 1 1/4" receiver in a class II situation though it is commonly done. Personally I think the little 1 1/4" receivers should be relegated to class I only but the installer is somewhat correct in that the 1 1/4" is often used for class II.

I would NOT use a receiver adapter. Buy the correct ball mount and ball.

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