Spider gears


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Spider gears

I have a 94 Dodge Dakota, 2 wheel drive. I need to change the spider gears in it. I think it goes like this. Remove wheels, drums, differential cover, lock pin for spider gear shaft, spider gear shaft, 2 small gears should fall out, take off snap rings for spiders on ends of axles, take off those 2 gears, pull shafts. Reverse to put back together. Correct ? I'm just asking if I may run into any unexpected things, such as, "Are axle's pressed in in any way"?, or any other unforseen things ? Check my list and tell me if I'm correct, and tell me of any troubles I may have, or anything I'm overlooking. Thanks ! Oh, it's not posi.
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normally 'I' remove said cross pin, push axles in toward center, remove 'c' clips, CAREFULLY slide axles out -as to not damage seals.
rotate 1 of the sid gears & both small-spider gears will rotate & be freed from the carrier.
watch for the cup shaped thrust washers behind the small gears.
reassembly can be tricky, just have to time & install both small gears at the same time, to get the cross pin holes to line up

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