rear wiper contact


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rear wiper contact

WEIRD !! I have an 04 Chevy Blazer. The rear wiper rests on a bracket that is on the lower , metal half of the tail gate. When it is actuated it sweeps without making contact on the glass....not very effective, I should say. Is there a fix for this ? It's unbelievable and with a few sweeps, doesn't gain normal function. HELP, please..... Dave
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Most likely the arm has lost some tension in the spring that presses it to the glass. Or possibly the arm has rusted/corroded or been damaged so that it does not flex freely.

Replacement of the entire arm would be easiest..but you might be able to examine it and identify areas that need lubrication or careful adjustment with needle nose pliers to allow free movement.
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If you are willing to consider replacing the arm, then try the "adjustment" first. If your wiper arm is like mine on my 2000 Suburban, it is a piece of flat metal. Use the pliers to put a little more angle into it so that it bends more towards the glass thus putting more pressure on the wiper blade to make contact. Don't bend too much.

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