Norcold refrigerator problem


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Norcold refrigerator problem

I have a model N811 in my TV which is three years old. It has been working fine until now. It is freezing up on the cooling fins in the
refrigerator. I was told by their rep. that it has to be a seal problem. I have checked the seal and it is tight all around and I stuck a bright light inside and could not see any light protruding through the seal on refrigerator or freezer.
Any idea's will be appreciated.
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Is the display giving any codes ? What fin is your temperature sensor attached to at back of fridge? (10th ?)
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The angle of the light could be off, and just can't see it. You check the seal with a dollar bill. Close the door on a bill, and see if you can pull it out. Do this all the way around the door. It will come out, if you pull hard enough, but if it comes out easy, the seal is bad.

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