2000 Silverado ABS issue


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2000 Silverado ABS issue

So my truck has a common issue. It was "repaired' under the ABS recall for when the truck is almost coming to a stop (I figured it out to be about 5 MPH) the ABS will kick on) After the recall repair it was fine for many years. (lets say 5 years) It came back.

I did a little research and found that you can remove them, clean them up and reinstall them and that can fix the problem. That fixed the issue for a while (maybe 12 months) but started doing it again so I figured I'll clean them again.

I didn't mention this before, but the first time I cleaned them out I looked in the hole where they sit and I could see, what I think is called the "exciter ring" (maybe called the "hub reluctor ring" too), and down in there I could also see grease. Now I am starting to wonder if that grease is supposed to be in there or do I have bearing issues? The grease was kind of clean (blue), if that matters, and there was a fair amount of it.
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The dealer probably used a wheel bearing grease when they reinstalled the sensor to help it install easier. I doubt it would have been dialectic grease either, though I wonder why not, but I think GM specifically calls up for wheel bearing grease rather than even standard chassis grease for some reason. I think you were talking about the 'tone ring' also.

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