Tire size


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Tire size

Will it be ok to change tire size on 2003 dodge ram 1500
Tire size now is P265/70R17 tire i'm thinking about is P275/70R17
I can get the set of P275/70R17 from a friend for 1/2 price has about 1,000 miles took off a trade in BF Goodrich tires. Thanks for your help
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Generally a big change in tire size will mess up computers and other components like the speedometer. But what you are proposing seems to be such a small increment (10mm in width and 7/10ths mm in height) I should think it won't matter.
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You can also try calling a local tire shop. They may have allowable tire size replacements for every model on their computers, or at least a large franchise shop I was recently at did. I changed sizes for my son's car because they were willing to heavily discount in my case a tire set that was a little narrower but taller and one that would not mess with the speed sensors that can also affect transmission shift points on some cars as chandler already mentioned.
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You'll be doing 58.9 MPH when speedo says 60MPH. They recommend no more than 3% difference, and yours comes out to 1.72% difference, so you should be good. Here's a link below to check it yourself. Just be careful for first while until you get used to the new feel and response when wheel turned. You may find it will move one way or the other quicker with less effort /movement at steering wheel. My vehicle was quicker response so I had to watch it didn't go over the white line too quick when driving, but got used to it fairly quick.

Tire Size Calculator - tire & wheel plus sizing
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Wouldnt you be going faster than what the speedo says as you increase the diameter of the tire. I'm assuming the speedo is based on the final output drive of the transmission (driveshaft rotational speed). The vehicle travels further for the same amount of driveshaft rotation as the drive tires become taller.
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The tires that are now on your truck is the Dodge recommend red size for your vehicle.
You would only see a slight error in your speed as mentioned and should see no difference in the handling from increasing by one size.
Any difference in handling would be from the characteristics of the tire.

In my area tire shops will normally only sell you tires th
at are one size larger than stock.
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Good catch, and to think I thought about that for a minute too, just so I didn't get it backwards. LOL Yes you are correct, Speedo will read slightly lower than actual speed. Thanks for catching that.

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