Wiring from the jeep to the camper


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Wiring from the jeep to the camper

Long story short my husband and are stupid, we thought it would be fun to by a camper and go camping. It has turned into a nightmare. We have the following, a 1998 Starcraft pop up, and a 2003 Jeep liberty. We have a 3 class hitch and we now have the wiring in the jeep we have a 7 way system and an electronic brake controller. This is the problem, we took the camper in to get a pig tail installed and when we hooked up the jeep to the camper it didn't work. When you turn on the right signal in the jeep the right light on the camper just sits there, when you turn on the left signal all the lights are blinking including the right hand signals. We had the same place install the wiring on the jeep and the pig tail on the camper and they are saying it could be the converter. My understanding is the converter only converts the electricity going to the inside of the camper ie the light, refrig. etc. The brake lights and signals are direct, I now feel that I'm being taken for a ride. Help me, what is causing the brake lights and signaling problems? Thoughts? Thanks.
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If you have a volt meter or auto electric tester I would check both your vehicle and trailer wiring just to make sure they are correct. Next, when in doubt check the ground. It's notorious for causing weird problems. It could be a loose/poor connection in the plug/socket. Also check where the ground wire attaches to the trailer frame and where your installer attached the ground to your vehicle.

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I agree you need to look at the grounds. It is my opinion that the converter they are speaking of is in the Jeep wiring they installed and if that is what is bad then they should replace it under warranty.
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When your installer says "it could be the converter" tells me they have not been able to diagnose the problem.
Trailer brake and light set ups are a very simple system for someone who dies this for a living and says that maybe this mechanic was not the best choice to have done this work for you.

A light converter is needed when your vehicle uses two separate bulbs for brake and turn signal and is going to be connected to a trailer that has the usual single bulb for these functions.
If your vehicle came with a towing package the converter could be built in.

I agree a bad ground could cause your problem but there could be other causes, even a bad converter.
If troubleshooting this problem is something you would like to have done for you a larger, well established RV dealer should have no trouble doing this work.
If you want to try yourself here are a few links that may help:

Trailer Wiring Diagrams | etrailer.com
How To Differentiate a Two Wire and Three Wire System Video | etrailer.com

This is what an aftermarket wiring converter looks like:
Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring by Tow Ready for 2003 Liberty - 118524
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Just a note here. You said you had a 7 wire harness installed. That is the same as the 5 wire system I believe with 2 extra wires to run the braking system.
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