Leaky front Pinion Seal On 78 Chev Truck


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Smile Leaky front Pinion Seal On 78 Chev Truck

I have a 1978 Chevy Big 10 2wd pick-up that has a leaky front pinion seal.
How would you go about fixing this??I am not a mechanic I have recently replaced the water pump and fuel pump on this truck with great success!
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Iím no mechanic but this is what I do.

It may be easier (and less messy) if you remove the diff cover and let the fluid drain out the back end first. Remove the bolts that hold on the drive shaft and move the drive shaft aside, I usually tie it up with a piece of wire so it doesn't fall out of the output shaft seal on the transmission. Mark a spot on the pinion nut and the threads on the end of the pinion gear itself so that when you put the nut back on after changing the seal you can tighten it down to the exact same spot and get the proper preload (remember to count your turns but you should know when youíre on the last rotation). Remove the pinion nut and pull off the pinion yoke, you may need a steering wheel puller or equivalent for this, you can rent one for free at Auto Zone, etc... Once the yoke is off just change the seal. I like to put a little RTV on the splines on the pinion and yoke when reinstalling. Put the pinion nut back on and line up your marks. Put the rest together just as you took it off. Remember to put your fluid back in...

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