Sagging cloth on ceiling


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Sagging cloth on ceiling

We have a couple areas that the cloth has come loose on the ceiling. No leaks, think it got to hot last summer inside and the glue has turned loose. Is there a way to re glue or are we looking at taking it down? It's a 93 Winnabago adventurer we are trying to sell and need to fix as cheap as possible but neatly. Thanks for any tips on how to go bout this.
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sagging Winnebago

There are cans of spray adhesive available at most parts store. I have used some 3m products as well as Permatex. The cloth is attached to a foam rubber layer. The glue doesn't give because of heat, the foam tears away from the ceiling. Any way don't let anybody rub thier fingers on the hedliner of any vehicle. It will cause the foaam to tear and the cloth to droop. Good luck
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3M trim cement comes in a spray can. You have to spray both surfaces. Its almost impossible to not get wrinkles doing it in the vehicle.
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The spray contact adhesives work well, but you have to take down the fabric in order to spray the ceiling and back of the fabric. If you just have a "bubble" hanging down and don't want to pull it all down you can carefully use a sharp knife to cut slits in the sagging area. You want the slits just big enough to get the tip of a hot glue gun through. Push the fabric up and stick the tip of the hot glue gun through the slit and squirt a blob on the ceiling. Remove the gun and carefully smooth the area making sure to align the edges of the slit. With some fabrics it's almost unnoticeable.

I have also had luck using a syringe (hypodermic needle) and cyanoacrylate (super glue). I buy the multi pack of little disposable Super Glue tubes and needles from the drug store. Get more than you think you will need (they're cheap). Wear disposable surgical gloves and be very careful to not stick yourself with the needle. Remove the needle from the syringe and stick the tip of the barrel into the open glue tube. Slowly pull back on the syringe's plunger to suck the glue in. Then place the needle tip back on the syringe. Stick the needle through the fabric to deposit little dots of glue behind the fabric. Push the fabric up firmly until it bonds. If the fabric is porous make sure to use small dabs of glue. You don't want the glue soaking through the fabric. The syringe & needle can last through many fillings if you keep clean glue flowing out. If you get dirt or something shoved into the needle it will cause the glue to harden so just get another one and move on. I like to carefully break the needle off the syringe and wrap it securely in several layers of newspaper before discarding to prevent it from being reused and to prevent a sanitation worker from getting stuck by the needle.

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