1988 f150 won't start


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1988 f150 won't start

1988 ford f150 will not start after sitting over night,we have changed the brain and this did not work.. help
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A little more information would be helpful. When you say won't start after sitting over night, does that mean it was running the previous day and when you came out in the morning it wouldn't start? Does it crank but not fire or not crank at all? When you say "brain" I'm assuming you mean the computer? What led you to decide to try that?

If it's cranking but not firing, generally one of two things: No spark or no fuel. Check first that fuel pump is running; should hear it hum briefly when you first turn the key on and before you turn the key to "start". The hum doesn't guarantee that the pressure is up to par, but at least you know it's running. If no hum, check the inertia switch located behind the kick panel on the passenger side (see owner's manual for assistance). If still no hum, fuse or relay or bad pump. If pump hums check for spark by removing a plug wire and laying near a ground source on the engine.
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once i get it started,which sometimes takes 1/2hr it runs fine all day with no trouble at all,after it sits over nite it doesnt want to crank,tes by brain i mean computer,changed it becouse a friend said thats what the problem was,but 150.00 later that didnt work,the fuel pump is working right.
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Gas, spark and AIR!!! Have you checked your air cleaner lately? If it is clogged you won't be getting the third component necessary for combustion. The computer would be the very last thing I would have changed on the truck.
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after it sits over nite it doesnt want to crank,
I had a 88 F 150 many years ago too. Great truck, but I never had a problem like yours. If it won't crank, I'd be looking at the battery, starter, alternator, solenoid and even the ignition switch.
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I'm guessing here but I assume by "once you get it started", do you mean you jumped started the engine then it ran and started alright during that day but the next day it wouldn't crank again?

I've had similar problems on several vehicles and all of them turned out to be a bad battery cable. My son even had the same problem recently and he replaced everything in the starting/chargins system and his turned out to be a bad battery cable too.

What happens is that over time, the battery cable which is usuallly twisted copper wires deteriorates internally so even if you have continuity end to end, it's not enough phyiscal capacity to carry the full charge to the battery from the alternator or if a separate charging wire, not enough to turn the starter. Usually the battery cable will feel hot to the touch when this happens.

Good luck. Oh, BTW, if you think you have a bad battery cable clamp, don't be tempted to just change the terminal clamp as they usually don't last very long after that. If you plan to keep the vehicle, it's always best IMO, to get the factory cable or something better.

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