code 43 on chevy 1500


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code 43 on chevy 1500

I have a 1990 chevy 1500 5.7 v8 that runs very well but is the afternoon on my way home the check engine light comes on i scannned it its code 43 ot only comes on when its hot and then its very sluggish, it takes a little bit for it to get up and go can anyone help thanks.
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Took me a few minutes to figure the code out, because depending on the year/engine/vin code it comes up O2 sensor or knock sensor. Near as I can tell on your year/engine it's knock sensor; defective sensor might be retarding your ignition timing in response to a knock that doesn't exist. The sluggishness could be retarded timing. The sensor is cheap and easy to replace; should be screwed into the side of the engine block on the passenger side. Can also be wiring or connectors.

43 The ECM did not detect a knock signal during near wide open throttle operation with coolant temperature above 194 F or the knock signal was present for 5 seconds or more during normal engine operation.

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