Keeping Road Dust Out of Truck Bed with Topper Mounted


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Keeping Road Dust Out of Truck Bed with Topper Mounted

Is there any way to prevent dust from entering a truck bed that has a topper on it? After 20 miles of dirt road I have to shovel the dust out of the bed. I have a Toyota Tacoma with a topper. I've already put duct tape up underneath the bed rail on the inside, and I've put in rubber flashing on the bed that presses against the inside vertical edges of the tailgate (when closed). I also have a rubber bed liner that, when I close the tailgate, gets clamped between the bottom of the tailgate and the mating edge of the bed, effectively sealing that area. How can one effectively seal the corner areas of the tailgate, especially the top corners? I'm thinking it's just not possible.
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Not sure - you can identify where the dirt is coming in?
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I put strips of carpet padding on the top sill of the truck bed before placing the cap. It's squishy enough to form a good seal all the way around. I don't do anything with the tailgate seams or the cracks around the disappearing hitch in the bed and I've never had a problem with dust or water entering.
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You might try looking at the bulkhead in the front of the bed, there are usually openings along it for water drainage that could very well be the problem.
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Not sure where the dust enters, but where the dust settles at the highest concentrations is at the lower rear corners, followed by the front corners; however, when I squirt the hose to the front of the bed, water in those front corners does not drain, so I don't thing very much, if any, dust gets in through those corners. The topper seal is water-tight, at least in the rain and when I wash the truck. Just a light covering of dust noticeable on the wheel wells when I wipe my finger on them, but a covering nevertheless. I know the dust is circulating because my camping equipment boxes are all dusty. I've long since cleaned up the bed. Should have thought about photographing the situation first. But I didn't.

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