An A/C question


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An A/C question

I have a 2003 ranger and the compressor kicks in and out at idle and doesn't cool very well but when I turn the idle up it works well. I know it as plenty of freon..


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Very few newer cars (yes, I consider yours a newer car) A/Cs work well at idle. If it's fully charged, belts are tight, and functions well while driving.....I doubt there's anything wrong. Possibly some wear to the compressor....but I don't think you really want to put a new comp on.
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truly, I have no issues with my 00 Silverado cooling at idle, which I had great example yesterday, stuck in traffic for about an hour. 85 outside, nice and cold inside.
I'd say, comp belt is loose or slipping. Hence, at idle, it does not pump well enough. Should not be that much of hassle to snug it up.
Also, make sure system is not overcharged, as it, actually, lowers cooling function.

PS or the comp clutch is slipping, but that makes helluva noise usually.

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