Ford f250 temp guage not working


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Ford f250 temp guage not working

temp guage quit working recently. I replaced the sender, below throttle body on intake manifold(brass with plastic top 2 pin harness). With switch off needle is near C but when switch is on, needle pegs to the low side. What should the next step be? Thanks in advance.
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Is the polarity correct at the pins? Have you cranked the truck to get it to operating temperature, yet?
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Th plug pins are offset and the plug can only go one way. i have gotten it up to operating(heater blowing hot) I suppose if the plug could go on 180degrees out(backwards), it might not engage the offset pins. I think that is a long shot.
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Are you sure that your truck does not have 2 temp sensors? One for the guage and one for the ECM? Did not look up your truck but many these days use 2 and you may have changed out the wrong one. Just something to check on further before you move on to a failing instrument cluster possibility.
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Yes, it does have 2. A mechanic I ran into in NAPA said if the sensor to the ECM was bad the engine wouldn't run. In addition, I do not have a check engine light on.
Thanks for all the consideration of my problem.
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That's not necessarily true. If the sensor was completely dead, then possibly won't start (had that on the wrecker once long time ago), but if you had one that had continuity but, for instance, didn't properly read a temp rise when warming up you might run rich all the time as in a cold start/warmup condition.

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