speedometer/odometer not working


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speedometer/odometer not working

I have a 1989 chevy K1500 with a 350 v8. the electric speedometer and odometer are not working I replaced the speed sensor and nothing!. I was going to take apart the dash and check connections an any other problems. some of the information i'm getting suggest I check the speedo fuse which I don't find. All the fuses in he passenger compartment are good and I don't see any under the hood. Is there a speedo fuse somewhere? if I do take the dash apart and replace the speedometer is there a specific type of replacement I should use?
Thank you
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does your speedo have a physical sensor that is sitting somewhere in a housing? Usually in transmission bell housing, reading driveshaft revolutions. Pull it out and check on condition of worm gear.
Unless that's what you did, when you replaced "sensor".
Also, GM clusters are notorious for having speedo and odo issues, just don't know how far back it goes in time. Late 90s early 2000s - for sure.
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At that time before more advanced BCM computers GM used a speed sensor buffer to amplify the signal from the VSS as well as signals from the ABS system if so equiped. These fail over time. It is mounted behind the cluster on the dash panel. That is what I would be replacing at this point.
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The speed sensor we replaced was in the transmition housing. I could not see any worm gear, but i wasn't looking either. Is that worm gear something that could be replaced without getting into transmition work. Alsothere is some reference to a speedo fuse that is not in the fuse block does it exist and where would it be if it does

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