Ford Ranger - when does oil go through the filter?


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Question Ford Ranger - when does oil go through the filter?

On my Ranger, there is a tube that goes to the fresh air intake from next to the oil fill cap. I have the tube off to do some other work with a rag shoved in there to keep crap out - the rag got knock off and well, crap went in there. There is a plate or something under the hole, I got as much as I could see out of there but I'm wondering if something is left, does the oil go directly to the pan and filter from there or is it going right to the lifters and such?

I'm pretty sure I got all of it but.................

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without year and engine, it's un-guessable. Picture is also worth hundred words.
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To further ukrbyk's note, a description (size) of this tube would be helpful.
It sounds like it could be the snorkle for your air box or a hose for the crank case (small ~1/2" hose).

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