Dodge rear end


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Dodge rear end

On a 2007 Dodge Ram 4X4 off road, when I let off the brake from a stop, especially when making a right turn, but I cant be sure about a left turn, or going straight, there is a grinding & a slight bump or catch every 1/2 second or so at about 1 mph. If you get much over maybe 3, 4 or 5 mph it stops or is going too fast for the problem to be noticeable. I am pretty sure its coming from the rear end. I have simply looked at the brake rotors through the wheels & I don't see any signs of damage. Just to add FYI, it does it does not matter if your riding the brake a little or not. As well as a diagnosis, what is entailed in fixing the problem? Ask any questions & I'll answer best as I can... Thanks in advance.
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I'm wondering if it could be the universal joint. You could block the vehicle, raise the drivers side so the tire is just off the ground, put the transmission in neutral and spin either driveshaft or tire.

Make sure vehicle is blocked (or chocked) so that it can not roll.
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Thanks for your suggestion. I have given a basic look at the drive shaft from the side of the truck. I didn't see any damage or wear but your suggestion is something I intend to do.
At the time I visually checked the U-Joint etc, I visually checked the brake rotors for any damage or unusual wear, rear end for leaks or damage & I didn't see any problems. I am suspecting, since there are no leaks, it's probably not a wheel bearing or axle bearing but possibly an axle or spider gear etc. But, I don't know so, I'm just asking if anyone else might have any better clue than me. I mean, it could be something else.

As well, with this being an "Off Road" model, I am pretty sure its got positive traction or at best, that limited slip thing. So, its possible that this is normal to feel that little bump but, my concern is with the grinding kinda noise I hear. I have had the truck for 4 years & I just noticed this a week or so ago. Now, I have had this in the front end but, if I remember right, it was only with the 4 wheel drive locked in... but I cant be certain about that. So, maybe its normal? I'm still worried about that grinding kinda sound aside the slight bumping feeling.

I drive quite a lot so I usually have the quick lube place down the road service my truck about every six weeks which is supposed to include checking the oil level in the rear end. However of course, I can't be sure they do. I do know there is no signs of dripping like they pulled the plug & added any oil, & I am quite certain it has never been changed.

The truck just rolled over 130,000 miles. Appreciate any further opinions.
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If you haven't, pull the cover on the differential and check out the various gears and look for "chunks" of metal in the differential. If you have a 9 1/4" rear end, they do have a weak spot. The clutch pack retaining clips. They can fail.

If they fail and go through the gears, you've got a problem. I don't believe you will find that from your description but it is a possibility.

More likely, you need to replace the fluid in the differential. It does not last forever, especially in an LSD. Don't forget to add the Trac-Lock additive and then drive the truck in figure 8's for a bit to work the new fluid into the clutches.

Another possibility, the clutches are just getting worn out.

Hope it helps.
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Thank you for your input. I'm with you, in the fact that I don't think I've got any major gear damage, but again, thats why I am asking others. Again, thanks

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