2002 Dodge Heater problem My fan has run only on high for some time now


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2002 Dodge Heater problem My fan has run only on high for some time now

The other day the fan started slowing down gradually until it was almost stopped but some heat still coming thru. After the truck has been sut off even for a short time and restarted the blower motor goes great for a time and then the slowdown cycle starts again. Any Ideas out there?
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Any Ideas out there?
Yup..... I would put a DC voltmeter on the power wire to the blower make sure it's not dropping.
My guess.... it's time for a new motor.
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Your post is a little confusing. Are you saying the fan still runs fine only on the highest speed but not on the lower speeds? If that is the case, I would suspect the speed control. Those I am familiar with use resistors to lower the voltage to the motor to reduce fan speed at the lower settings. When the resistor module fails, it will only pass the full 12V to the motor on highest setting only.
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i am with pjmax. unless you can see burnt wires at your blower resistor.
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I read his post to say that when he first gets in his truck, the fan runs fine but as he continues along in the vehicle the fan gets slower & slower.

It sounds like the fan motor is bad & is getting hot. The more the motor heats up, the more the motor slows. Its just a bad fan motor. For whatever reason its getting hot, its causing the voltage to drop, IMHO. Therefore the fan motor slows.

Solution: Replace fan motor.

Hope this helps... Good luck
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The subject line suggests resistor,the text sounds like motor. Need clarification.

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