So I've got a 93 Dodge dakota 5.2L 4x4


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So I've got a 93 Dodge dakota 5.2L 4x4

So I've got a 93 Dodge dakota 5.2L 4x4
I'm hearing some metalic grinding noies coming from front and back passenger side.
basically when I'm driving as I hit the gas initially you'll hear it and it will go away as I speed up, but when I let my foot off the gas to coast it kinda raps on clunks abit and when I press back on the the gas it grinds until I hit a certain speed.
I'm thinking wheel bearing for the front but as fro the sound coming from the back... U Joint?
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my guess would be a trans or motor mount. under load or negitive load is causeing it hit/rub some where.
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Foreign object caught in the brake drum? I once had a return spring break, and it made some funny noises until I found it.

If one of the wheel bearings is bad, honestly I'd check 'em all, and probably change the differential fluid.

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