Temp. gauge problem?


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Temp. gauge problem?

2008 Chevy Truck, 4.3l. While driving the temp gauge will go from normal temp
(~200) to 160 (as low as it reads) instantly. Then it gives a warning "Engine Hot, Turning off A\C", and the electric fans on the radiator turn on. I had a diagnostic check done on the computer and it gave a "Low Coolant Temp" readout. The radiator is full of coolant. I replaced the temp. sensor on the side of engine, didn't help. Once the truck isn't driven for several hours, problem clears and it will be a week to a month before same problems happens again. Any suggestions?
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maybe an air pocket in the cooling system ??
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Not sure if this is of any help but two weeks ago when starting my '09 GMC Sierra pick up in the morning I got the "engine overheating - shutting off a/c" message along with a zero temp indication on the guage ( it didn't move from zero).

It operated fine with full coolant and no sign of overheating.
Drove it that day and in the evening I removed the battery cable for ten minutes and when I replace it and started the truck everything was back to normal.
That was two weeks ago and everything is fine.

Maybe GM enginges run on Wind..s ???

Oh....my wife's '05 Grand Caravan also has an operating system problem in that about once a month my electric door locks quit working and I have to remove and put back a fuse and I'm good for another month. (Wife even is trained to do it!)

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